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Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters, Inc. - Fjord Flying Dragon

Project Description Status
12 new cars for Tianjin, China Required By: 2012-12-03
Task Description Status
Loading trains onto the truck Complete - Shipped  
Trains shipped out Complete - Shipped  
Trains shipped on 11/28/12
Ready for shipment Active - In Progress  
11/1/12 Trains ready for shipment
OCT Tianjin Active - In Progress  
New cars being prepped for assembly
Panels being painted Active - In Progress  
Tianjin's Chassies being assembled Active - In Progress  
New wooden roller coaster for Tianjin, China New  
In beginning stages. Parts being welded, tested, and allocated


A comprehensive inspection and testing of every part
guarantees the performance that PTCI is well known for.