Congratulations Tom

Tom received quite a surprise at this years Coaster Con.

PTCI is always happy to join the American Coaster Enthusiasts every June for their annual Coaster Con. This year Coaster Con took place in New Jersey at Six Flags Great Adventure, StoryBook Land, and Morey's Piers.

During each Coaster Con, ACE hosts it's banquet one evening and PTCI has the honor of awarding an enthusiastic ACE member with the Spirit of ACE Award. This year at the banquet Tom gave a great presentation and kept the audience laughing. After his presentation, Tom was surprised by ACE's President Jerry Willard who snuck on stage to award Tom with his very own ACE Honorary Membership.

Stunned, surprised, and nearly speechless Tom was able to find the words to produce a humble speech reflecting on his friendship with ACE and it's many members. He is still quite surprised that he was honored in such a great capacity. He looks forward to the many more years of friendship with ACE and it's members.

Thank you again American Coaster Enthusiasts for a great Coaster Con!


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2014 Golden Ticket Award winners for best wooden coaster.

Five of the Top Ten wooden coasters use PTCI trains; 2014.

2014 Golden Ticket Award winners for best wooden coasters.


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