The Forgotten Legacy

Herbert P. Schmeck The Forgotten Legacy
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Herbert P. Schmeck
The Forgotten Legacy
By Torrence Jenkins Jr.

Herbert P. Schmeck The Forgotten Legacy was published in 2007 and is the second book of the ACE designer series.

Torrence Jenkins Jr., the author of the book, is an active ACE member and employee of Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters, Inc. (PTCI).

The Forgotten Legacy explores Herbert P. Schmeck's time spent at PTC, which spanned from 1923 - 1955.

Readers will dive deep into the rich history and legacy Schmeck left on the amusement industry.

The book includes vivid photographs from the past and present, and blue prints from PTCI's extensive archives.

The forward is written by the owner of PTCI Tom Rebbie President/CEO. John Fetterman of Knoebels and Mike Boodley of Great Coasters International, Inc. also contributed to this work of art in the preface.

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A President's Touch

PTC President Tom Rebbie (left) with author Torry Jenkins
There is one roller coaster still riding the tracks and giving thrills to thousands that has been touched by each president of PTCI. The Giant Coaster of Paragon Park, now known as the Wild One of Six Flags America, is one of PTC's famous Schmeck roller coasters.

The coaster trains that were used on the Giant Coaster were originally built by PTC in 1914 for the Green Streak which burned to the ground on September 11, 1916 and were reused on the Giant Coaster.

The Giant coaster was originally built by PTC at Paragon Park, MA during the winter of 1916/1917. Henry Auchy (PTC's first president) had contacted John Miller as a consultant to design this ride.

Herbert P. Schmeck (PTC's second president) was appointed the construction foreman for this coaster, and was Schmeck's first job with PTC.

The Giant coaster was redesigned in the winter of 1931/1932 during the Depression Herbert P. Schmeck redesigned and rebuilt the coaster into its present out-and-back configuration and new coaster trains were also added.

In 1963 the coaster suffered from a fire that destroyed the helix, station, trains and part of the lift hill.

John Allen (PTC's third president) rebuilt the ride without the helix and supplied the park with reconditioned PTC cars from another defunct PTC coaster. The coaster remained in operation until 1984 when the park closed.

The coaster was purchased in 1985 by Wild World Family Amusement Park in Largo, Maryland, today it is owned by Six Flags Corporation and known as Six Flags America.

The move was supervised by Charlie Dinn of the Dinn Corporation and the trains were sent to PTC and Sam High (PTC fourth president) signed the contract with Wild World to have the coaster cars refurbished for the coaster's new home.

The work was supervised by then shop foremen Tom Rebbie.

In 1999 the coaster was redesigned by Dennis Starkey and rebuilt by the Stand Company. Once again PTCI built two new trains for this coaster under the direction of Tom Rebbie (PTC's current President/CEO).

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